Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Last day of school - Goodbye, Boise...Hello Abu Dhabi! #internationalteaching #travel

The last day of school! Hurrah, I made it!

But this was my classroom when I left on Friday...

slightly different than the way it looked for the last 2 years:

It's all in boxes in my living room now because I have accepted a job teaching math in Abu Dhabi next year!  Where? Abu Dhabi is in the United Arab Emirates, in the Middle East. I will be at an all girls school for Emirati students. 

I have known for a while but have been so anxious I was afraid to tell people. However, today I met with a couple that taught there for several years and all of my anxiety fell away. I am super excited and looking forward to my next big adventure!


  1. you go girl, how exciting, keep us posted can't wait to her about your travels and experiences. You will have a lot of friends waiting at home for your posts.

  2. Joy, you will have fun!! I look forward to hearing your stories when you get back. Janice

  3. So excited for you, Joy! That sounds like an amazing opportunity! Wishing you all the best. Safe travels and God speed! I will be checking on you thru the internet.