Sunday, April 11, 2021

#101 Constructing my first piece of IKEA furniture by myself!

 Sunday is one of my days off but it is the first day of the work week here in Israel.

What I discovered today is that about 2 PM on a Sunday is a great time to visit IKEA! The parking lot was only about half full thus making walking through the maze a much more pleasant experience.

My main objective was a small, closed shelf that could hold all of the toiletries that heretofore have been living on the bottom shelves of a bookcase you see as soon as you open the front door. 

Not the welcome I want my guests to have!

Because the store wasn't super busy, I actually got help from a nice worker guy who highlighted the piece I needed from the warehouse.

Once I got it home, the fun began. Let the record show he told me it would take me 15 minutes to put it together.

Here's what really happened. 

3.30 pm. It begins.

3:48 p.m.

[Quite a struggle ensued here to get the back on and the 4th side attached.] 
4:50 p.m. The struggle continues.

5:29 p.m. A different corner won't work now.

There was also a short dinner break and some exasperated pouts on the couch culminating in Googling videos of others who had assembled the same piece.] 


6:48 p.m. The back is on and all four corners are flush!!

7:14 p.m. The shelves are in!!

7:26. One door on!

7:30 p.m. Finished!  Doors closed.

Doors open!

The new look! The travel posted will get hung above the cabinet.

The shelf my stuff used to be on can now be used to display cool stuff I have collected.

Friday, April 9, 2021

#98 Getting My Car Towed

 I found the BEST parking spot two nights ago! Parking in Tel Aviv is a big deal and when you find a good one it is hard to give up. This one was less than a block from my apartment, no one else parked near me.

When I went to go to work two mornings later, there was nothing there but space! I saw that the curb is not blue and white (legal parking), just blue (loading zone). It didn't take long to figure out what happened.

How far I've come! There was a time when this would have completely incensed me and ruined my day. But on this day all I could do is laugh.

Here's where the gratitude really kicks in. My friend Jessie was halfway to school but Melanie had just walked out the door and was able to give me a lift. 

Now, there is no phone number on the "no parking" sign to call if you get towed and I didn't think to look on the Tel Aviv Municipality website for English, so I asked a very nice guy in administration at school to call for me. He did and got the address of the tow lot and the amount owed which I am also grateful to be able to afford (By the way, it seems way cheaper than getting a car out of tow-jail in the U.S.).

My plan was to walk to the tow lot after my gym class at 7PM. I told two ladies at the gym about getting my car towed (which they both said has happened to them) and a delightful woman name Nira offered to go to the tow lot with me to rescue my vehicle.

Of we went after class across the river to the tow lot. Thank goodness for Nira! Even though signs were also in English and a button to push to call a live person, it would have taken me 3 times as long and not nearly as much fun. Instead, Nira basically did all the work to figure out what to do, pressed the human button and talked to the operator then made sure I got out of the gate before she left.

Me and Nira and the Ticket Machine

Finally, after I drove around for 30 minutes I found a legit parking space, in blue and white, very close to my building.

All in all, getting my car towed was a great way for God to show of how many kind and helpful people I have in my life today.

I thought this was my car until I got right up to it and it didn't respond to the clicker! Mine was to the left.

The sign that I now know says "don't park here" for two days in a row!