Saturday, December 26, 2015

#359: Christmas in Austin: Unplugged

It wasn't white, it was actually rather warm. We sat around and watched Christmas movies and a documentary on Walt Disney. There were a couple of minutes of NBA basketball. There were presents and laughter and food and lots of gingerbread [vegan, by the way]. Oh, and Grandma's chocolate pie. My dad and I walked around Town Lake.

But the best part of the day?  Being disconnected for most of the day! My phone sat downstairs not touched; my computer was closed. Notwithstanding Pandora and a few moves on Words with Friends, my nervous system put the "hyperawareness" model on standby and I relaxed. I heard myself think. I heard my intuition talk to me. I gave my full attention to the people right in front of me. I watched 4 hours about Walt Disney with undivided attention.

It was amazing! Give yourself a gift this new year, and vacation from your electronics!

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