Thursday, March 24, 2016

My other offices #bigcitycoffee #flyingmcoffee #javabowlofsoul

I cannot work in my house. I've tried and what happens is that I take out the garbage, clean the sink, wash the clothes, rearrange the furniture in my living room, scrub the toilet, call my mother or finish that scrapbook from 2 years ago. It reminds me of David Sedaris telling Terry Gross that he can't writing during the day because [I'm paraphrasing] all the sudden he wonders what his hair would look like parted on the other side [listen here, especially if you've never heard of David Sedaris].

And so I go to coffee shops. This week, as I work on a paper for a class, I've been to Java Downtown, Flying M, Java Hyde Park and today is Big City Coffee (they won today because they have decaf English Breakfast!). Thank goodness for comfy work spaces away from home!
Now that I've posted my blessing for the day, I'm back to work! Thanks, Big City!

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