Saturday, October 8, 2016

Vegan pumpkin sugar cookies & a new stove!!! #itsabouttime #cookiesareback #minimalistbaker

After limping along with a half-hearted oven and sketchy burners, I finally got willing to let go and got myself a new stove! I kept the old one, thinking I'll save money, or there are so many other things I should spend money on instead, or really, Joy? Shouldn't you do 10 other things before you do this? 

Thanks to the marvel of internet shopping and Consumer Reports, I ordered myself a brand new stove, [upgraded, in fact!] and it arrived yesterday. Not only does it look better, but I got to clean behind it. I need not say more about that.

Goodbye old stove!!
Hello, Beautiful!
Today I went to work!

I made vegan pumpkin sugar cookies (except I used gluten free flour and coconut millk instead of almond), which are absolutely delicious (I promise, you can't tell!).

Going in...

Everybody set?

Check up during baking

Fresh out of the oven (on my new baking mats)

This is all that's left...I just keep eating!

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