Monday, April 3, 2017

New ski bag!!! #BogusBasin #Avalon #lovetoski

My new ski bag arrive a few weeks ago and it is AWESOME!!!  Also, it's pink. It fits both boots, my helmet and all of my garb, all at the same time! I used it a few weeks ago on a trip to Salt Lake and it was spectacular. I've wanted one for a few years but never decided I was worth the time and energy it would take to find one I liked. Well, that old idea has been in the process of being excavated all year, and finally, the ski gear barrier has fallen.

I found a recommendation list here and only considered models that come in pink. You can use your own filter! 
It's awesome!

Super comfy backpack straps
Handy-dandy pocket on the top next to a killer handle.
Look at all that stuff!!

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