Friday, May 21, 2021

#141 The friends that get us through

 I've gotten lax about my gratitudes each day a few months ago. I was taking Hebrew, working in person full time and doing a lot of Zooming with friends. However, giving up the blog helped chip away at an attitude of gratitude where I am constantly looking for what I will write about today.

Nothing like a ceasefire after some bomb being intercepted over one's head to spark some gratitude!

Friday morning was amazingly free! So a few of us went out to dinner at Cafe Dizengoff where I got to have my favorite burger (so far) in Tel Aviv and my favorite dessert, a personal size vegan pecan pie.

I didn't take pictures at dinner, but here are a couple of pictures from the last week. These lovely ladies (and some others!) helped me get through this year.

A little gathering on my balcony on Wednesday.

On the roof Monday, awaiting more rockets (which didn't come)

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