Thursday, January 7, 2016

I didn't burn my house down!

I love popcorn; it's my favorite snack. I don't have a microwave so I make in on the stove with popcorn from the bulk bin and oil in a covered pot. I put the burner on HI and shake away until I have freshly popped corn. [I do realize that Jiffy Pop exists, but it has butter in it which I'm allergic to.]

Two nights ago I did this and sat on my couch happily snacking away when I noticed a burning smell. [here's where it gets bad] I ignored it, figuring I'd left the burner on or there was something in the oven; I'd be getting up soon anyways.

It got worse. I finished my popcorn. I went to the kitchen.

There was smoke rolling out of the drawer to the right of the stove. Yikes! The smoke poured out when I opened the drawer, but I couldn't figure out what the source was--this drawer just has utensils in it.

I opened the cabinet underneath the drawer. Bingo! The hot pads I'd used to hold the pot while I made the popcorn had gotten so hot they'd caught fire and were smoldering on their hook in the cabinet! 

After I took care of the immediate problems: dousing the hot pads in water to make sure they were dead out; opening the windows and turning down the heat; throwing said hot pads outside in the snow. My house smelled (and still smells) like a wildfire scar, but nothing is on fire anymore.

The morals of the story:  
  • What if I had left after I finished my popcorn and hadn't smelled the burning? Oh, my, am I grateful!
  • When you smell burning, Joy, go figure out what is burning. IMMEDIATELY!!!
  • When firefighters tell you that things smolder for days and we may not know it, I suddenly believe them!
  • I seriously need an air popper.

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  1. Wow! I am glad it all turned out okay. Yes, I would agree...when you smell burning, check it out.