Saturday, May 28, 2016

Busted water heaters! #deadwaterheater

My water heater went out today!! When my shower went cold this morning I just went to work and decided to deal with it later. About 12 hours later I discovered the water in my laundry room. Which I then cleaned up after I realized that it would not evaporate and would begin to smell if I ignored it and left it alone. I asked for help from my neighbor. I called my dad.
The point is that, however ridiculous it sounds, I have to say that I get a very deep sense of satisfaction when I get to take care of grown-up stuff like water heaters and sprinklers and landscaping. 

When I got divorced I finally lived alone, it soon became apparent that I didn't know how to take care of myself at all. I could get to work and home, but I didn't cook or clean or do the yard or the laundry or water the grass or know who to call when appliances went down.

So these days when I get these opportunities to take care of myself and my stuff I may grumble and complain but underneath all that is gratitude that I know how to do more life today than ever before. 
More before
After - it doesn't look it, but it's dry...-er

Check out the date - 1991! It lasted 25 years!

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