Thursday, September 10, 2015

#251: Slime tires

I rode my bike to school today (yay!) and then back home  (yay!) And then to the gym (yay!). After my workout I rode my bike back (yay!) and on my way home as I swerved to go around some people walking on the greenbelt I about fell off my bike (boo!). I looked down and my stupid,  freshly-changed-last-week-all-by-myself-tire was flat again.

Luckily I've been carrying a bike pump around with me and I put slime tires on my bike last week,  so I said some curse words and got to work.

I picked out the goat head, pumped up the tire and have it a good spin.  It worked! I made it home just fine!

And as a bonus, two passing bikers turned around and stopped to check on me!

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