Tuesday, September 29, 2015

#270: Early morning grading

My dad used to drag me out of my bed by my right leg long after I was supposed to be up. Me + early mornings used to = grumpy/nasty/run away from me now. 

And now I get up at 5 to get stuff done! 

It only took me 4 years, 5 weeks and a day or so to figure out that 1.5 hours at 5 in the morning is more productive than 40 hours spent at school all week. 

At home at 5 a.m.:
  • I can work in my pajamas
  • I can drink as much tea as I want
  • I don't have to supervise anybody while I grade
  • I can listen to NPR while I work
  • No one asks me what they missed yesterday
  • I don't have to get up if I don't want to
  • I don't have to stay seated if I don't want to
  • I can eat my breakfast while I work
  • I can take a shower in between papers
  • I can use my Mac instead of my less-than-stellar desktop at school  
  • Grade one class all in one sitting and not lose my chain of thought

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