Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Blessing #256: Classrooms wired for sound

When i was a kid, I don't remember my classrooms having any sort of sound system. If we were to listen to a recording, it was on a TAPE RECORDER or a record, or on a really fun day we got to watch a film strip! Really lucky students got to turn the film strip handle when the beep on the audio sounded. [For the record, that was never me.]

Today, however, classrooms have better sound than I have at home! Where I student taught there was a microphone system wired into the classroom and it was awesome! The kids hated it because it felt like a teacher was always right behind them due to the surround sound effect of the audio system.

My new classroom is in a really old building (it has chalkboards behind the white boards) so the classroom itself doesn't have speakers, but there is a speaker connected to the projector that gets the job done.

And what do I use all of these audio devices for?

To play Katy Perry's "Roar" at the beginning of 1st period every day! This became the Year Two's theme song at MAET in Ireland this summer, and I have continued the tradition into the school year. The students may be tired of it, but I'm not yet!!

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