Wednesday, September 2, 2015

#243: Realizing I'M the problem

When I lived in Bozeman about a million years ago, a woman told me, "if I'm the problem then there's a solution." Totally right. I have proved over and over again that blaming other people then waiting for them to change does not work. For one, they never change. For second, if the do change, they mostly don't do it correctly. Thirdly, if they do change, and do it correctly, then I generally [read: never] feel better; the real problem, which is my own dissatisfaction, hasn't been addressed.

Here's how this has infiltrated my exercise life:

Me: Everyone gains weight as they get older and there's nothing I can do about it. It's genetics and called 'being human'.
Trainer: Most people gain weight as they get older not because of some ailment, etc., but because they get less active and eat more stuff [read: beer & wine].

Me: There is something genetically making me gain weight. It's because I was so bad at eating well growing up.
Trainer (upon looking at my food log): You ate too that today if you want to reach your goal.

Me:  I won't be able to run for very much longer because my bones are not cooperating and getting old.
Trainer:  Most running "injuries" (he said 80%, I think) are not true injuries but rather the result of tight muscles.

Me:  I should be able to eat more today because I ran 11 miles today.
Trainer:  Well, you probably run at a 9 1/2 mile pace which burns about 9 calories a minute so that's 81 calories per miles times about 6 miles an hour so on those days you can eat about maybe 400 calories more... 

Me:  I should be able to eat more today because I'm really hungry.  
Trainer (whilst talking about other stuff): might be hungry but you know that calorically you are fine because you know what you just ate...

It always comes back to me and my choices. Which really is great news, because I have control over me!

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