Thursday, August 6, 2015

#216: Cleaning out and letting go (not necessarily in that order)

Upon my return from my Scottish/Irish/British summer, I was overwhelmed with a sense of gluttony. I have SOOOO much stuff. The sensation was acute since I had just spent almost 6 weeks living out of the contents of an average [American] sized suitcase.

Thus began my cleaning out adventure.

The obstacle, of course, was never the need to get rid of stuff. That has been obvious for years. My attachment to all this stuff has been the hold up. I must say, however, that the roadblock has been removed. I suddenly am willing to let go of things I've been holding on to for years, just in case.

My Traditional Chinese Medicine books, for example. I graduated from the Wellspring in 2008, practiced Amma for 6 months and now have been teaching math for 4 years. Yet I have kept all those books just in case I want to practice on the side or do both or aliens land on earth and demand a superb Amma treatment.

So before I left for San Diego I put two of my TCM books on, one of which is one of the definitive texts in TCM.

The NEXT day I sold one! The NEXT day! You know what's more? The other one sold a few days later!

I am absolutely turning into a "sign-girl" [def: one who treats outside, perhaps coincidental occurrences as signs that life or not-so-life choices have been made correctly] and interpret this development as confirmation that letting go is a very good idea.

I have to tell you, now that I have shipped the books, I feel fantastic. The books are in a better place, I have an empty shelf, I will soon have a little bit more cash in my account and more space in my house, my life and my mind.

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