Monday, August 17, 2015

#227: My hair isn't falling out!

Last winter I noticed that the pigtails I put my hair into for skiing getting thinner, seemingly by the week. As the spring semester rolled on, I was astonished at how much hair was falling out of my head. Every time I touched my hair more than a few strands would come out in my fingers.

My yearly lab results were way low this year and my doctor wasn't sure why until I told her my hair was falling out. The debate was over: stress.

I think most of the stress was coming from my job and unfortunately I didn't get a whole lot, or maybe any better at managing it during the rest of the year. One reason is that I'm not good at saying no, so I wasn't sure [read: wasn't willing to] what to say no to.

After a summer in Ireland, despite the incredibly stressful 28 days of MAET; a relaxing trip to England; a laid back rest in St. Andrews, Scotland; changing schools; having only 2 preps this year; a visit to San Diego and a sail through San Diego harbor all apparently relaxed me enough to save my hair!

My hair dresser assured me during my cut last week that way, way WAY less hair is falling out compared to the beginning of summer. Not only that, but new hair is coming in!  WooHoo!

Now to keep relaxed....

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