Sunday, August 30, 2015

#240: A vehicle vacation

I haven't driven my car in two days!  Since my new job is only about two and a half miles from home, I don't HAVE to use my car too much. One of my favorite parts of being overseas is navigating transportation without my own car; It's also why I loved living in Bozeman, MT.

Why I enjoy the bike so much:

  • I see things on a bike I miss when I'm driving, like smells and where the sidewalks are
  • It's exercise
  • It gets me breathing fresh air
  • The only sounds I hear are the world going by; no headphones or TV or students or phones
  • I save money on gas
  • My car will live longer
  • I'm polluting less
  • The deeply satisfying sensation of knowing that only my own power is getting me around.  Maybe this is freedom?
  • Usually I can park WAY closer to doors than in a car
  • I love running errands on my bike. I don't know why, but it just feels so good!
  • Because there is a lot of prep time involved with riding my bike to school or appointments, I am on time way more frequently because I start getting ready earlier
  • I am more present in my life when I'm on my bike, maybe because my body is moving around?
  • It just feels good.

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