Sunday, August 16, 2015

#226: Inside Out (SPOILER ALERT! Don't read me unless you've seen it!)

Spoiler Alert: If you haven't seen Inside Out yet, stop reading and go see it!  It is wonderful!

I absolutely loved Inside Out! My neighbors' daughters (my dates tonight) liked it, too, so I'm not lying. They are around 6 and 10 years old.

I loved it because:

  • The main character is Joy!
  • Joy was the default driver of Riley's personality. I love this! I think my default driver for a long time was sadness and has since become joy. I just love that joy is the default emotion; where we start and hopefully where we keep coming back to.
  • After seeing Minions (which was horrible) it restored my belief that animated movies are generally about 82% better than non-animated movies.
  • The representation of our memories as marbles that are intricately organized inside us.
  • That as Riley took actions that were in opposition to the islands of her personality, the islands were destroyed utterly. That visual image matches what I have experienced when I have done things that go against myself. It's like the action permanently destroys some part of me that, though it is possible to rebuild, becomes inactive once the action is taken. i.e. when she steals her mom's credit card, Honesty Island plummets into the pit. 
  • When Riley actually got on the bus to run away, the thinking train was derailed and crashed. that happens to me, too! When I act on those decisions that I know go against myself, my thinking either stops or becomes utterly deranged. Emotions are totally in control, just like in the movie.
  • That the imaginary friend had to let go in order to save Joy. This part reminded me growing up and not wanting to, which reminded me of taking responsibility for myself and not wanting to do it but the utter joy and freedom that comes from taking responsibility for myself. (perhaps not what Pixar had in mind, but that's where I went)
  • That sadness is not only allowed but necessary for joy to take her proper place. In fact, joy and sadness had to learn to work together.
  • That all the emotions learned that they can mix and work together and memories can be multi-colored.

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