Saturday, August 8, 2015

#218: Trash that!

I am cleaning out. Getting rid of stuff. Letting go emotionally and physically.--

After wandering around the house for a day or so wondering where to start so I just went through evening routine and cleaned out what I came across. So far that has been the nightstand by my bed which led me to the bookcase which led me to the other bookcase which led me to free up an entire shelf which led me to the two shelves of running paraphernalia above that which led me to dust the medals which led me to dust the shelves which led me to reorganize the medals and pictures which led to this (wish I had taken a before picture):

The pile of books looking for a new home.
This small accomplishment led me to realize how many races I've completed but didn't remember because the evidence was tangled up together and covered in a bunch of dust which led me to believe that I already have everything I need—I just have to find it.

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