Friday, November 6, 2015

#308: The Power of Observation

Yesterday I spent my work day watching other math teachers do their craft. I highly suggest to anyone that teaches to go watch other teachers. Fantastic benefits await you including:

  • Getting great new ideas on ways to decorate your room like covering tables with contact paper so students can do math problems on the desks.
  • Watch amazing teachers interact with students. Current lesson: teachers are calm, kind and in control. Always it is a good reminder for me to see teachers being kind to students. I think I tend to forget that students are people with feelings. Very sensitive feelings.
  • Get cool ideas for new clocks. You can't tell from my picture, but this is a way nerdy math clock. Which I love. For a better view, click here.
  • Encounter other teachers who are just as hard on themselves as I am. And they are awesome. This leaves you feeling like you may not be doing as poorly as you think.
  • Spending the day with a colleague.
  • With said colleague, identify trouble spots in your classroom life and brainstorm lots of solutions!
  • Meet new people!
  • Expand your PLN (Personal Learning Network)!
  • Give a substitute an opportunity to make some money.
  • Return to work the next day rejuvenated and excited to be there!

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