Monday, November 9, 2015

#311: The [burnt] orange door

For my birthday my next door neighbor gave me a new door! The shed in my back yard had an old, awkward, non-standard door. It had holes in it into which bees had moved, the wood was peeling up, and the paint that once coated it had peeled off years ago. It looked awful.

I didn't think the old door was so bad, really, but my neighbor reminded me often [read: for last 2 years] that HE was the one that had to look at it all the time, because their patio looks directly at the front of my shed.

When I returned home from Burley today, the new door was in!

Please note the color: official burnt orange. Don't believe me? You can go look yourself here!

He also primed the rest of the shed so that first thing next spring, I can paint it white. And my second painting goal of the spring? To paint the trim on my house. Yes, you guessed it, HEX: #8F5700.

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