Monday, November 23, 2015

#325: Happy 111th, Nana!

Nana's birthday is today! Happy Birthday!
  • She would be 111, though she's been gone for ten years. She was my mom's mom. 
  • She was my best friend. She was a Southern Belle till the end: the day before she passed we had her nails done.
  • Usually on her birthday she visits my dreams, but she came early this year: last Friday night. She was so happy and her elegant, 1960s self you see in this picture [taken in Estes Park, CO].
  • My favorite story of Nana: She was 100 years old when she passed, born in 1905. This date, in fact, was already carved on her pre-purchased headstone (she was very pragmatic). 
  • When we were cleaning out her house after she died, I found her birth certificate. Guess what?  She was born in 1904!  She was really 101! Why she did it, we'll never know for sure. Our current theory is We decided that she lied all these years because she her real age would reveal that she was older than Poppee.

Nana, I hope you forgive me for telling your story, but it was shared only with love love love!

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