Saturday, November 14, 2015

#317: Hat Day!!

Who doesn't love hat [read: do-not-have-to-do-your-hair] day?

Especially when you get to wear your authentic Aran Island wool cap!

The best part of this hat is the story: the woman who made it runs a shop at the visitor center at Dun Aongnasa World Heritage Site (an amazing place, by the way), which I visited last summer. I found several hats and a scarf I loved, but she, like much of the Aran Islands, didn't take credit cards and I only had about 20 Euros. I said thank you and went to leave and she said, "Now just hold on a minute, there," in a beautiful Irish accent I wish I could relay to you.

Long story short, she sold me the hats and scarf anyways, gave me a card with her address on it and took my 20 Euros as a deposit. She trusted me to send her the balance, which I did before I left Ireland. How's that for hospitality?

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