Wednesday, November 25, 2015

#327: Healthy friends!

I always look forward to seeing friends when I come to Austin for a visit, but I am not creative about what we do: it always involves eating and talking [not that I usually mind very much, as these are two of my favorite things to do].

I had plans to get together with a friend of mine in town and I texted her yesterday in my usual "let's-get-together" manner:

As usual, I've been eating my way through a visit to Austin (though I'm realizing that I've been eating my way through much of life lately, but that's a different story), so even as I wrote this I was thinking I didn't really want to focus on the food but I couldn't come up with a better idea. [if you know Austin, just leave me alone. I realize there are about 4,290 things to do at any given time in this city, but I just had nothing.]

Luckily, my friend solved my problem AND got us meeting up:

Unfortunate that she has plantar fasciitis, but such a great idea! We met this morning and are meeting again tomorrow morning and running the Turkey Trot together on Thursday.

THEN, I got to the gym. Oh. My. Gosh. I could live there. Lifetime Fitness is amazing. There were lots of towels. And happy people. A yummy restaurant. A spa. 3 pools. A steam room. A sauna. Tons of classes. A humungous room of aerobic equipment. A humungous room of free weights. A yoga studio I only heard about.

Best of all, a good friend.

Two beautiful ladies making good choices!

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