Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Blessing #13 of 2015

To be able to go ski after work and still be back in town for a meeting at 7!

Today the inversion finally lifted! I was a little disappointed when I saw the sun out the window at work b/c I had been so excited to go ski specifically to get OUT of the inversion, but I soon got over it.  Truth be told, the blue sky awoke the "should-y" committee in my head.  Suddenly they were all awake, telling me super helpful things like:
  • You have to go on a run now, because your excuse that the inversion is hard to run in has just evaporated.
  • You are wasting this beautiful day if you go up skiing.  Skiing should be reserved for escape only.  [I didn't say the committee makes sense, just that it is chatty & persistent]
  •  Once you get up there, Bogus will be in the clouds.
  • You are such a loser that you want to go ski by yourself.  [I sometimes forget that I am around needy teenagers All. Day. Long.]
  • Ad infinitum...

Once I got up there I did feel just a tad insecure.  I was expecting two or three cars but instead there were like 15!  People were everywhere! [considering this is the Nordic lodge, I mean].  I had that same sense of "all-these-people-are-bad-assess-and-I'm-not"-ness that I used to get when I went to mountain bike races and still get when I go into any bike store (with the exception of East Side Cycles).

I was caught off guard after the sun set and my hands, nose and cheeks were absolutely freezing.  I still had a half hour to go!  But it was absolutely worth it.  Just getting a different perspective is worth the drive up there!

At the turn off to Shafer Butte.
It looked like the winter wonderland in a few places.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, this looks beautiful. I have not gone cross country at Bogus yet, but guess I should try