Saturday, January 24, 2015

Blessing #23 for 2015: Date night...with myself!

I said NO!  Not to a man or a to sugar or to a job, but to the symphony.  I had planned to go to the Boise Philharmonic with my "cultural" friend (the one I go to the Shakespeare Festival & Broadway in Boise with) tonight.  We made these plans weeks ago.

And then this week started.
 The longest, most stressful, busiest week of the school year.

It's the first week of the 3rd quarter: new students, 2 new classes to teach, Robie meetings started this week, graduation on Thursday night....and the symphony on Friday.  There has been no time for the gym or a run or skiing; I volunteer at Bogus all day tomorrow and have an event at 1 on Sunday.  AND all week long I have had that sensation of overwhelm where I know my kidneys are constantly firing.  I was so tired all day at school today I felt like a zombie.

I'm becoming Besties with myself
I knew I should cancel some time yesterday, but I delayed until noon today.  12:31, truth be told.  I called [texting seemed like cheating].  I left a message, asking her to still be my friend.  I felt relieved immediately, which was further deepened when she called back and said she, too, felt let-off-the-hook, too.

Since then, I had the best day!  I stayed at school an extra 2 hours and feel awesome about getting stuff done for Monday.  I stopped at the grocery store and restocked, which felt surprisingly good.  Once home I put on my flannel pj bottoms (see previous post), made dinner and watched Gilmore Girls! hours now!  No, wait, it's six.  I need to go to bed.

I can tell you this, though.  I can't stop smiling!  I love this show.  I dare say healing happens whilst I watch this show.  But I'm still on season one....I'll keep you posted!

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