Sunday, January 25, 2015

Blessing #24: Five hour naps.

Yes, really.  I was so exhausted this morning that when a fellow Mountain Host said hello this morning I burst into tears.  I had no idea I was that tired!

The thing about being tired is that its affects sneak up on me.  A few nights of 6 hours of sleep....a run in the cold...a graduation on a Thursday night....staying late at school a couple afternoons in a week.  Suddenly I'm crying when someone asks me how I am. 

And I don't realize my brain function has been affected until after my exhaustion as been rectified.

I came home early from skiing today and watched two Gilmore Girls episodes (taking full advantage of my free month on Netflix) then fell asleep at 2.  I opened my eyes briefly at four but quickly went back to sleep.  Next thing I know it's 7.  It's dark outside and practically every light in the house is on.  I feel like I'm in a fishbowl, but do I get up and close the blinds?  No way!  There's more episodes to watch!  I'm only on season 1!  I watched another.

Then my brain turned back on!  The sleep had restored neurological functioning and I suddenly realized I had to get out of the house.  I was still in my long underwear and turtleneck from skiing, hair still in braids.  I realized I had spend 16 of the past 36 hours on this very couch in this very position watching these same people. I went to a birthday party I had forgotten about then decided to skip in my sleep-deprived state.

Joy not tired.
The moral of the story is that sleep is super important for me.  Here's what I noticed today about why:
Joy tired. (note the time: that is A.M.)
  • The NIH says so.  See here.  [note the first section heading:  Healthy Brain Function and Emotional Well-Being]
  • When I have enough sleep I do not cry when someone asks me how I am.
  • I am friendlier when I have enough sleep.
  • When tired, I eat.  A lot.  Hunger is not a factor, I just keep eating.
  • When tired, I watch more tv.  And while good for Netflix, not so good for Joy's well-being.
  • When tired, I forget things, then miss out, thereby making my fear-of-missing-out come true.
  • The bags under my eyes are way, way smaller when I get enough sleep.
  • I don't exercise when I'm tired which makes me feel stagnant which makes me cranky which makes me eat which makes me gain weight which makes me feel icky.
  • I am a much, much better teacher and planner of teaching lessons when I am well-rested.
  • I don't get sick when I stay sleep-hydrated!

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