Saturday, January 17, 2015

Blessing 16 of 2015: the running girls

Today my running girls and I had our annual Christmas party--the one time a year we are all together (although one was absent and it's just not the same without her!).

I met these ladies nine years ago a week after the Table Rock Challenge, a run to the top of Table Rock at which point you get your picture taken with Smokey Bear  (I still have the picture).

These women have seen me [read: run me] through everything in Boise: depression, divorce, elation, break ups and now, joyfulness.  They have loved me during the good and the bad, at my worst and at my best. We have been competitive yet supportive; we've traveled together, been on the same team together, all slept in one room with 2 double beds.  One played music at my Irish going-away party.  I went to Disney World with one, New York with another, McCall with another few.  We are rarely in the same place at the same time, but the love is always there.

No matter what, we still run.  Everyone is always invited.  No. Matter. What.  It doesn't matter if you're late- they'll love you but they'll leave you!- it doesn't matter if you have to stop to cry in the middle of Rocky Canyon Road because your heart is broken.
Just. Keep. Running.

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