Thursday, July 2, 2015

#182: Week 1 is in the books!

My first week as a Year 2 in the Master's in Educational Technology (MAET) overseas cohort has come to an end.  And it has been WONDERFUL!!  Even if I had melted down at some point, it still would have been wonderful.  This experience is amazing.

I am astonished at the growth I see in myself.  I feel stronger as a person, more confident in my abilities as a technology specialist and more settled within myself.  It does help that we were in Galway, Ireland last year, but I am still impressed with my growth.  The security that comes from the familiarity of my surroundings has allowed me to relax my soul and be more grounded as the week progressed. 

Now that I'm here this year, I realize how nervous and anxious I was last year!  The people I am surrounded by are brilliant and creative and push themselves just as hard as I do--I've found my people.

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