Tuesday, July 21, 2015

#201: No-guilt naps

I don't think I'll ever get tired of being grateful for naps!

No homework tonight, so my nap from 4-7:30 was luscious because the stress of having to get up and work was gone. Okay, this isn't entirely true that there is no work to be done. I still need to work on my website and get a domain name, but these things are fun!

However, the big huge portions of my work this summer have been completed--putting on a conference and a research to practice lesson plan. If you need some light reading before bed, here's what I've been working on all summer.

The nap was one of those knock-out-cold-big-mac-truck-is-not-waking-this-woman-up type naps. The kind where you don't wake up groggy (I went to the gym) but could go back to sleep at any time.

By the way, good Southern girls take naps. It's only them Yankees that don't!

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