Wednesday, July 15, 2015

#195: I made the bus to Killarney!

I almost didn't! After class ended at noon, I ate lunch then went down for a nap before I was to catch the 5 o'clock shuttle to the bus station for my journey to Killarney. That bus was scheduled for 5:30.

However, though I thought I snoozed my alarm to wake up from the nap at 4:30, I actually turned it off. Thank goodness I awoke at 5:07!  I popped up, called for a taxi and ran outside.

The driver seemed unconcerned about my situation. I was irritated, but forced myself to calm down. The traffic in Galway has been horrendous since all the festivals began, but this driver was clever and got me close to the bus station then told me to get out and run!

I did and got there at 5:30, and my bus was delayed due to all the traffic!  Woo hoo!!!

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