Friday, July 31, 2015

#210: International Business Class (with me in it)

For my journey home, I was fortunate enough to get a Business Class ticket from London to Dallas, which then turns to 1st Class in the States. After flying coach on the 6 hours flight from Philadelphia to Glasgow I was excited for the upgrade on the 9 1/2 hour return flight. American Airlines did not disappoint! It was a new plane, so I had my own "pod". A big TV with a ton of movies & TV shows (I watched 3: A Streetcar Named Desire, Home, and The Kingsmen. Unlimited supplies of beverages and nuts. Two meals. Hot towels before the first one. Lots of room for my luggage. A little table. Bose headsets. A kit with earplugs, a face mask, Scope and more. The seat transformed into a flat bed. Lots of lighting (or not). A really nice (for a plane) restroom that wasn't cramped. And a baggage check limit of 3 bags.
The cherry on top of this ice cream sundae was the final leg of my trip from Phoenix to Boise: I ran into good friends who have a daughter I have sort of adopted, and she and I got to sit together in first class! Bonus!

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