Thursday, July 30, 2015

#209: The shortest drive

They wouldn't just put me on a bus to get to my hotel near Heathrow; my friend insisted on driving me the 2 hours from their house to deposit me in ready-position to get to the airport at 6:30 tomorrow morning. She also said it would take me all day and all night to get there by bus or train, but still...

And so we went to the beach during the day:

Ate the perfect meal at the perfect restaurant: 

Went back home, packed me up and drove to Heathrow, singing Roar by Katy Perry 3 times at the top of our lungs:

 The said a sad goodbye in front of the hotel:

I am so sad to leave, but can't wait to come back. We decided I'd come visit again next year after I finish MAET, where hopefully they can come on holiday to celebrate my graduation with me. I am so lucky to have such good friends!

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