Friday, July 17, 2015

#197: The Quiet Man

I was told by an Irish friend of mine that The Quiet Man is one of the greatest films ever.  So we watched it tonight. 

If you don't want me to taint your opinion, stop reading now!  If you want to read something else instead, here is some trivia on the film.

  • John Wayne is too old for Maureen O'Hara. 
  • John Wayne is always John Wayne.
  • I loved that it is set in Ireland, and I loved hearing the accents.
  • I understood about 47 percent of what the Irish people said. I had to ask my friend to pause & translate quite a few times.
  • I really don't like the way Sean treats Mary Kate. It really really bothered me.
  • I just now read it won 2 Oscars. This makes me mad.
  • In the end, I really liked the movie. The fact that it got me all fired up really just helps make the point of the movie.
  • I still don't see what was attractive about John Wayne.

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