Friday, July 17, 2015

#198: Galway Artwork

A few nights ago I went to St. Nickolas Church in Galway to hear John C. Reilley play music. I arrived early, however, and went to scavenge for food. Upon my return, take-away sweet potato fries in hand, I started talking to to gentlemen that were putting away their booth at the market that surrounds the church on weekends and much of the summer.

I shared my fries and we talked about their art. On every trip I take I like to buy original artwork from the artist. When my dad and I went to Italy, Paris and London, for example, I bought a canvas off of someone outside the Orsay Museum, had it framed and put it in my hallway where I get to see it everyday. 

These two men in Galway were packed up, but I went back today and bought two painting that are done on discarded slate roof tiles that this man pays someone at the landfill a few Euros to salvage for him. How cool is that?!?!  He signed the backs and threw is a little magnet, as well. Upon my return, only one of the guys was there, so we took this picture to make his business partner jealous. 

If you're interested, I have their email!

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