Friday, January 1, 2021

#1 Dubai Garden Glow

 Over the holidays I went to Dubai [after Tanzania] to spend 2 weeks with my good friend Shelley who was also not going home for Christmas. We did several things neither of us have done in the UAE before (she has been there for 5 years), one of which is Dubai Garden Glow.

If you are from Boise it is similar to the Winter Garden Aglow at the Botanical Gardens (I kept calling it that and getting corrected) except that it is year-round, no Santa and not Christmas-themed. Oh, and it has a dinosaur park! [Yes, we watched Jurassic Park when we got home!].

Here's a peek (let's start with a shot from the dino park!)...

And the dinosaur park....

Complete with a "lab"!

Finally, we paid for the "upgrade" to the Magic House. DO NOT PAY FOR THIS! It was totally not worth it!

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