Saturday, January 30, 2021

#30 Perfect Timing (or: French Fries for a Grieving Soul)

 Today was a grief day. I don't know why, some days are just like that. I cried on and off all day. What was great was that I wasn't full of self-pity and I didn't try to distract myself from feeling the feelings.

Knowing being around someone could be good for me, asked my friend Jessie, who also moved this this school from an American school in Abu Dhabi, if we could have a work party today.

I didn't go over in time to work, but after a run at 5 I stopped over for a visit. She immediately offered a hug ❤. As we chatted she mentioned the amazing french fries she had for dinner. I instantly went to the delivery app to get my own when she said she had an extra order! She hadn't realized the sandwich she got came with fries so ordered some, so she had two! Apparently she was pre-ordering for me.

Don't you love it when you think something is an accident but turns out to be for a reason you couldn't foresee? This happens with presents all the time for me: I buy gifts from my travels (well, I used to) and the person I am buying it for always appears later.

They were just as delicious as they look and yes, that is Heinz Ketchup. 

By the time we got to french fries the grief had passed, but I got to enjoy dinner with a good friend that I know is there for me. (Who also lent me a fuzzy sweatshirt for my walk home!)

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  1. glad u let ur feelings take their course. Denying feelings causes a riptide in the future and has taken 2 friends' lives