Tuesday, January 5, 2021

#5 Online gym classes

During the month or so I was "free" before the 2nd lockdown here in Israel, one of my new Tel Aviv friends introduced me to her gym. I was super hesitant about joining because it only offered classes and my ego had decided that I must have weights and equipment available all the time.  The best I've felt is when I had a personal trainer writing workout for me every 2 weeks, but that has been out of my budget since I moved abroad. Since then I've been buying in to the idea that doing the same workouts from that trainer on a consistent sporadic basis would get me into that perfect shape.

Um...it hadn't really been working. Turns out eating 80% sugar kinda works against that goal!

Anyways, when Melanie told me about Subterra I almost ignored that little voice that said told me to do something different. Subterra has weight lifting classes, not step aerobics or BodyPump. Classes with instructors that would pretty much act as trainers and tell me how to lift.

I loved the class and joined which turned out to be such a great move! It is wicked expensive so I make sure to go as much as possible. When we went into lockdown in September (Israeli Lockdown #2) they offered a ton of online classes they let everyone borrow a piece of equipment for use at home. The trainers were amazing and although the classes are usually in Hebrew, most of them would also translate to English for me.

Now that we are entering a more severe lockdown #3 they have definitely lost steam. I'm sure lots of people have stopped going and they are offering a lot fewer online classes, but the few classes I am attending are awesome! The yoga teachers are super great and the trainer I had yesterday, Niv, is hilarious! He announced in class, "today I will speak in English because we have 2 Americans in class! We love Americans!" 

Today I am grateful for my gym, which gives me the opportunity to stay active, meet some lovely locals, learn a little Hebrew and do something different.

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