Monday, January 18, 2021

#18 First cold weather run of the year (and last year, too)

It is COLD here!  Like 50 degrees F (shut up, Boise people, I've acclimated to living in the Middle East). Consequently I have been avoiding going out to run. Also, there is this thing here called rain, and I have completely forgotten how to function when water falls from the sky.

I dug out gear I haven't run in in years--well, since I left Boise. It felt strange to be cold on a run but exhilarating! When fully dressed I looked overall like a slightly less poofy Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and once I started running I passed a bunch of people running in shorts and sleeveless shirts, but I didn't care. 

You know that feeling you get when you finally start working out again and you're motivated to keep doing the good things for yourself?  That's how I feel.

Oh, and when I walked into the vegetable stand after the run, the guy working there that knows me said, "HI" really loud (which I thought was just about me but turns out he was saying that to everybody that walked in) but then he said, "WOW" with a big smile looking straight at me. I assumed it was a compliment but I didn't clarify.  Don't burst my bubble.

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  1. 2 weeks ago i was able to return to Body Pump group-ex classes after 11 months without. After 28 years of 3x/week group ex being taken away with little notice, i feel UNBELIEVABLY great to be back on a routine. Gratefully, EVERY person in the gym (free weights, machines) WORE A MASK! i didn't check the spin cycle studio--doubt they keep masks on but it's a separate studio with a door. My "pandemic 15" is on the way out! and getting back on a regular exercise routine has boosted my spirits immeasurably