Sunday, January 17, 2021

#17 I got the fist dose of the vaccine today!

 I am elated! As has been reported widely, Israel is inoculating faster than any other countries. Teachers were allowed to get the shot starting last Sunday but those of us at my school who are no citizens are have private insurance rather than the national health insurance. The distribution of the vaccine is through HMO's so we had to wait for our private insurance to get around to us. We got the email on Thursday with our appointment time.

It was so organized! I mean, jaw-droppingly organized. Aside from the corona testing, it is the only thing that I have seen that has been totally dialed in in this country so far. Thank you, Israel, for not forgetting about us guests!

Jessie and I waiting to be taken to the tent where the shots were being administered.

While we were waiting we ran into friends from school who were in the 15 minute post-vaccination waiting period.

The technician who administered my shot.

The waiting area in the tent.

The line to get into the tent that we got to skip.

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  1. congrats! Houston is IMPOSSIBLE to get shot #1. i have no idea if or when those who have gotten shot #1 will EVER get shot #2, which is imperative