Wednesday, January 27, 2021

#27 Early mornings

My morning dream came true today! Mornings are the best and I love them. The problem is that I love staying up late. But the alarm went off at 4 a.m. this morning and I got up! 

The view from my balcony
The morning cushy chair sit

I thought my motivation was to attend a meeting the Rocky Canyon Sailtoads, the committee I am privileged to serve on that puts on a half marathon in Boise called the Race to Robie Creek (The toughest half in the Northwest, by the way). It meets at 7 PM on Tuesdays each week in the spring, but that is Boise time. Boise, Idaho, United States. So yeah, I am pretty proud of myself. Of course the committee usually meets in person, and I was fully prepared to resign from the committee this year since I have been gone for a few years and helped a little remotely. Then Coronavirus transformed Tuesday nights and the race from in person to virtual. I decided to stay on this year since I can now attend the meetings and probably help more since so much is digital.

Thus I began my morning in dark, quiet Tel Aviv with laughter and greetings and warm wishes from friends back home. 

But there was so much more to this morning! 

Walking in Park Hayarkon

I sat in my comfy chair drinking tea, writing in my journal and reading. I did a little laundry. I went on a long walk while the sun was rising. I discovered it is warmer outside than in my house. All of this I did with an unfamiliar but wonderful sense of calm. The calm I think we are going for during yoga or meditation--the calm where everything else falls away and the mind really lets go of the future and the past. I wasn't worried about planning for work and I wasn't hurrying to get back to work. I felt no sense of urgency. In fact I "got to work" a little earlier today because I wasn't rushing. It could not have been a better start to a day.

Now as I prepare for bed (at the very reasonable time of 9 PM)  I am tired. I haven't turned on the TV since late afternoon. The calm remains. 

Turns out I didn't get up just to go to the Robie meeting! I went to the Robie meeting to prepare myself for a perfect morning.

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  1. Breaking routines can be SO refreshing. I got up and drove in the San Gabriel Mountains at dawn several mornings. I will forever remember the beauty and serenity..... and I can't remember 99 percent of my 4 years of CA mornings