Sunday, January 3, 2021

#3 An amazing holiday!

There are really a bunch of things I'm grateful for today but I'm rolling them into three:

1. Not going home for Christmas. Because of that, I got to go to Tanzania on safari and spend 2 weeks in Dubai with my dear friend Shelley!

2. Um...safari in Tanzania!!

3. I was afraid to come back to Israel yesterday. I anticipated a sinking feeling in my stomach and a bunch of tears when I entered my apartment. Shockingly, none of that happened!  In the taxi I was enraptured by the beautiful weather and blue sky and when I entered my apartment I felt delighted! No tears, no dread, just happy to be in my own space with my own stuff.

Shelley and I at Meat & Co. in Dubai on Christmas Day

Shelley, Lucy and I at Dubai Miracle Garden

Shelley and I went to Hatta for a night to camp. 
We went kayaking on the lake the next morning.
A little SCUBA diving.

A trip to Fujairah.

Hanging out at the Lime Tree, my favorite restaurant in Dubai.

My new friends from my trip to Tanzania.

One of the best parts of Tanzania--an orphanage we visited.

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