Saturday, April 18, 2015

#107 for 2015: Happy Feel Good Movies!!!

Three months into my Netflix subscription I have discovered that:
  • I am not interested in watching shows about zombies (except in Warm Bodies)
  • I am not interested in watching shows about killers
  • I'm not interested in dramas--I can just talk to my students about their lives if I want drama
  • Reality TV--no way!
  • I find I spend more time browsing than watching
  • I have watched Ever After 3 times on Netflix AND I OWN IT on Blue-ray!!
  • I've watched Tangled on Netflix and I own that one, too  
  • I search for movies like Pitch Perfect, Armageddon and Downton Abbey.  I like shows that utterly suspend my reality--either going back in time or
I finally discovered a genre called "Feel Good Movies"--that's the one! 

Tonight I picked 13 Going on 30 with Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo, which I have never seen before, but is my new favorite Happy Feel-Good Movie!  What a great movie!  The main character is 13, becomes 30 overnight.  It is a wonderful tale about the power of honesty, innocence, believing in yourself and hope!

I love these kinds of movies....if I am going to escape reality for a few hours, I want to have fun!  The way I see it, the Oprah Book part of my life is behind me and I want to enjoy life now!

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