Friday, April 17, 2015

Blessing #106: Being Inspired...

Inspired to Ride was premiered tonight at The Flicks, and I truly AM inspired.

I'm approaching 40 and I sometimes catch myself in stinking thinking that goes kinda like this:  I'm too old to...  I'll never be able to....   Too bad I didn't get to....

This must stop!  A friend of mine that passed a few months ago became a pilot in her 60s!!  The #1 obstacle in my life is my own attitude, but when I see things like this movie (or sometimes just from watching a Hallmark movie) my brain gets recalibrated to hope and drive and motivation to set and achieve goals.

This movie is about a bike race across the US, from Oregon to Virginia, over 4000 miles!!  The winner did it in under 18 days!!! 

What they people accomplish is absolutely amazing!  I am way more capable than I let myself think most of the time.  Watching people who push themselves so hard somehow highlights all the areas where I could step it up just a little bit more; if they can do it, can't I go biking that one extra day or finally go to that yoga class or finally go to that mountain biking Meetup group I've been too scared to go to?

One of the best arguments I've ever heard for doing something now is:  the time is going to pass anyways.  I may be 40 when I finish my Masters degree, but if I hadn't started it when I was 38, I'd still be 40 next summer.

I'm really enjoying biking, which is new to me, but if I don't keep doing it, I'll still be 40 next summer, just without any more biking experience. 

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