Thursday, April 2, 2015

#91: Realizing that taking care of myself includes plumbing

The drain was clogged.  Big time clogged, not just a slow drain.  It was more like a no-drain.
I finally called The Plumber.
And then rescheduled.
And then rescheduled again.
And one more time I rescheduled.
Then he finally arrived!

$135 and one hour later, the water drains!!  6th best $135 bucks I ever spent.

It was taking approxomately 47 minutes for my sink to drain all the way and gunk was coming up and it was super gross.  I vaguely thought about calling last year and the year before, but I'm very busy and important and didn't have time.  Instead I've been brushing my teeth over the kitchen sink and avoiding the bathroom altogether.  Denial is pervasive in my life!

Taking care of myself and my stuff has only recently become a priority, and oh, my, gosh, what a difference a bathroom sink that drains well makes!  I suddenly don't mind cleaning my bathroom or being in my bathroom!  It's very similar to my experience with mowing my back yard last weekend: suddenly I didn't want to move or never go outside.  Now I just want to sit on my porch (after I clean the chairs, of course), read a book, and enjoy my space. 

I never really got it before that I am allowed to be surrounded by working, lovely, beautiful, comfortable things, people and settings; I also didn't get it that I might have to do the work to get those things and settings lovely, beautiful, comfortable and working.  I keep being surprised that I am full of joy when I take care of myself, and that the "work" involved is absolutely, positively worth it.  Just try sitting on your backyard porch after you mow, smelling the grass and reading a book or sitting with a friend.  

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