Tuesday, April 21, 2015

#110: The willingness to listen to other people

Yesterday at noon I tried to shove a bag of Kleenex boxes out of my way in the back of my car.  I hit my ring finger wrong and pain shot through my hand.  A few hours later at the coffee shop I ran into a friend from ski patrol, stuck my hand in his face and asked him if I would survive.  He assured me I would.  It wasn't swollen too badly, but hurt a bit.  A few hours after that, it started to turn purple:

Overnight it really hurt and this morning was swollen and achy.  I wondered if I should go see someone about it.  I kept debating, although as the swelling increased I thought that maybe, perhaps, it might not hurt to just check.  Turns out, I ran into my ski patrol friend again and this time he suggested I get it checked, just to be sure.  An hour later I ran into someone else I know that is a nurse; I asked he and she said the same thing--go get it checked.  So I went, got an x-ray and there is possibly a tiny bone chip in the joint.

Now it could be that I am so stubborn God gave me the message 3 times: Joy, go get this checked; you don't actually have any medical training, I know best!, and I'm okay with that.  It used to be I ignored things, making up what I believed to be true then getting mad when the TRUE consequence actually happenned.

Now I'm grateful for friends who let me shove my swollen finger in their faces, who tell me the truth, for pink adhesive for finger splints, and that I actually listen to people who know more than I do!!

PS.  I just got the call...there really IS a tiny blah blah blah fracture and I get to wear the splint for maybe 8 weeks!!!

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