Sunday, April 26, 2015

#115: The goodness of children

Listen to this!  This is always the best Saturday of my month!

Today at Come to the Banquet, our monthly meal for the hungry in Boise at St. Michael's, I was at the door greeting people and a little girl around 8-9 came in with her mom.  She did not look like most of the other patrons, but I greeted them as everyone else.  The mom said they were looking for a woman they had met before that her daughter had raised money for, and could they have a look to see if she was eating with us.

After a while they came back to me.  They hadn't found the woman but decided to donate the money to Come to the Banquet instead!

The woman she was looking for had asked her for money when she was out with her mom, but they had no money to give at the time.  So the little girl went to school and for two months colllected money among her classmates.  Her plan was to give the money to this woman, but her "Plan B" (her words) was to give money to our ministry.  Said this 8-9 year old girl.


We took a picture, she told me her story, and as she left, I was filled with awe and gratitude.  A volunteer told me she had donated $40 to our ministry.  

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