Friday, April 10, 2015

#99: Irish signs!!

I am clearly meant to be in Ireland again.  (Never mind that I am already set to go back this summer for part 2 of my masters degree.)

I flipped to PBS and found this guy, Kevin Dundon, who's an Irish chef in Ireland!  He has the accent and went to Belfast and everything!  Apparently he has a 10 episode series on Irish cooking that is broadcast in the States. I even found a recipe that I can eat that involves chocolate!!  Here's the link to info on him. 

It's just another reminder of how big the world is, how much there is to see and do, and how important it is to spend time doing the things I love.

The other "Irish sign" was on Netflix last weekend.  I found a quircky, fun Irish movie called Standby that was so fun to watch because it takes place in Dublin [read: I felt very important seeing how many places in the movie I have been to!].

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