Sunday, April 19, 2015

#108: No more fear at Robie

The Race to Robie Creek is one year younger than me, making today the 38th annual running of this Boise tradition.  Today I am grateful I finished it AND that I didn't throw up at the end AND was able to do my volunteer position afterwards! I love being part of this race and I have met some absolutely wonderful people as a result.

This year made the gratitude list today because this was the first year I felt totally comfortable in my own skin at this event.  I wasn't self conscious.  I wasn't afraid to go up and talk to people.  And I realized early in the morning that I really wanted to take pictures to document the day, and so I asked people to take pictures with me.  Not even a year ago I would be too worried about what other people might think of me to ask them to take pictures with me--especially the Mayor of Boise! 

I guess what I'm really grateful for today is that I am comfortable in my own skin!  It's taken 39 years to get here, but look out 40, it's gonna be awesome!!!

Selfie with Boise Mayor Dave Bieter at the race start

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