Saturday, April 25, 2015

#114 for 2015: My new favorite obsession!

About 6 years ago I did my 1st Sprint triathlon in McCall, ID:  .47 mile swim, 12 mile bike ride, and a 5K run.  I didn't own a road bike, so I rented one.

I was in the 1st group of people to get into the water and was the 2nd to last person out of the water.  I was toasted for the bike and the run.  Triathlons did not become my event of choice, but I loved the biking part!  In retrospect, it may have been because the swim and the run were so hard, but I still ended up infatuated with road biking.

So much so that I asked friends on Facebook if anyone had a road bike to sell.  Voila! My friends from church not only had a bike available, they gave it to me!

This is my very own Bianchi road bike.

Which sat in my shed for 4 years after I got it.

Then the day came last summer when I wanted to go on a ride.  I pulled it out.  The tires were flat.  I didn't have a pump so I started walking it to the M & W Market, which has free air.  My neighbor saw me, inflated my tires and offered to help me in the future if I had bike problems.  It was such a little thing but I felt looked after, and his kindness touched my heart.

I went for an hour bike ride and covered 12 miles.  I can't believe how fast you can go on a bike!  After all these years of running, to be able to go 12 miles in an hour is amazing.

This week I've gone on 3 rides and I can't stop!  I think about where I'm gonna ride after work.  I want to go after dinner; I want to go when I feel sad; I want to go to be in the sun.  I just want to go ride.

So thank you, friends from church, for setting me up for my new obsession: bikes.

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