Monday, October 5, 2015

#276: New favorite sweat pants

First, I LOVE these sweatpants! I got them in June at the Snowmass Ragnar Relay [where I actually bought a lot of clothing as it was raining and thus spent lots of time in the retail tent], which was one of the best 10 experiences of my life, and so have happy memories when I wear them.

Second, these are super duper comfortable. They are the kind with all that really fuzzy material on the insides. My legs love them.

Next, I didn't feel like they fit very well when I bought them and now they fit beautifully. It also helps that they haven't been washed yet, but we'll just ignore that for now.

Finally, I used to have a pair of sweatpants that I "borrowed" forever from my brother. They were burnt orange and said "TEXAS" [as in longhorns] down the side. I LOVED THOSE PANTS. They were super comfortable, they were Texas Longhorns, but most importantly they were my brother's. We are not close; he seemed indifferent to the whole thing, but I felt connected to my brother through these sweatpants. In a moment of what I later determined was insanity I donated my beloved Texas sweatpants to charity and have spent the next 15 years trying to discover an acceptable substitute. 
Awesome sweatpants sitting on porch in beautiful weather.
Awesome sweatpants watching football.

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